Our company adopts the international advanced business model and has gathered a group of high-level technical talents. Taking scientific research and development as leading task, select sophisticated mechanical processing plants as mechanical parts manufacturers. From the processing of parts to the assembly of the whole machine, precise inspections are carried out to ensure the quality of the products.


After the equipment assembly in our factory is completed, the equipment performance test and production line test will be carried out so that it can be used once installed in user’s place, which will reduce the on-site equipment debugging time after it is delivered to the user.

  • Best Service Factory Competitive Price

    Factory Best Service Competitive Price. We are committed to solving the application problems between materials and equipment in the process of operating raw materials. While providing customers with equipment, we provide customers with a series of turnkey projects to solve production technology, creating greater value for customers.

  • Steel strip method -Flux cored wire production

    At present, this method is widely used in the world to produce flux-cored welding wire. First, use cold-rolled steel strip as the outer skin material, which is cut into narrow strips and cleaned, and then cold-bent into U-shaped tubes. Add flux powder, close it into an O-shaped tube. Second,  use wire drawing machine to draw it several times to get final product.

  • Import & Export Business Process - Three Water

    The PACKING LIST will clearly state the packing details of the product. It must indicate the quantity, gross weight, net weight, and exterior dimensions of each box. The total volume calculated must be consistent with the marked volume. The mark and box number must be marked to facilitate customer judgment. At the same time, the content on the packing list must be consistent with it. 


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