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Precise shipping procedures,

1. Confirm the foreign trade payment method with the customer, and review the contract and foreign trade payment method.

2. Inspect the goods and obtain the inspection qualification report. The inspection should be one week in advance of the delivery date. If it is a third-party inspection, it must communicate with the third-party inspection company two weeks in advance and agree on the inspection time.

3. Make foreign trade documents and related documents. After getting the customer to place the order formally,  we will prepare the following documents and foreign trade documents, which are foreign trade contract, export commercial invoice, packing list, export goods consignment note, verification and write-off Documents, customs declaration form, customs declaration power of attorney, and inspection power of attorney.

4. Export commodity inspection.

5. If the contract is a FOB CHINA clause, the general customer will designate a freight forwarding company or a shipping company to hand over with the freight forwarder in advance to inform the shipment.

If the seller bears the freight, confirm the shipping schedule, freight, port of departure, etc. to the freight forwarding company or shipping company in advance.

6. Arrange trailers.

7. Acting as an agent for customs declaration and submitting the relevant information to the customs declaration company.

8. Obtain the transportation foreign trade document bill of lading B/L, and arrange the bill of lading information to the shipping company or freight forwarder within 2 days after the ship sails at the latest. Specify the total number of products, and other special regulations, including the ship certificate issued by the shipping company and the bill of lading, etc.

9.The  foreign trade documents must be handled according to the customer's instructions.

10.  After obtaining the bill of lading Mail to customers immediately.

11. Do export registration, and make a record every time a single order is made, whether it is computer registration or paper registration, for subsequent query and statistics.

12. Data archiving, all related foreign trade documents, L/C and negotiation data are archived in a complete set for subsequent inquiries.


1.1. What does your factory supply?
We supply complete flux cored wire production line, cooper coated wire production line, welding electrodes production line, etc. We also supply related auxiliary machinery, machine accessories, and kinds of welding wire.
2.3. Will you send engineer to help installing & commissioning the welding machine?
Yes, we will. We normally assign 2-3 engineers and 1 interpreter to help customer install the machine. We also equip remote control system inside the machine operation system. If customers require do the install and commission by themselves, we provide long-distance operation guidance.
3.2. Do you manufacture, sell and export directly?
Yes, we do. We offer competitive price with high quality and excellent after-sale service.


1.1. Product technical advantages. The company has set up a professional R&D team to continuously overcome technical difficulties and develop new products every quarter. The product adopts the latest technology, energy saving and environmental protection, and fully automatic computer control. Ensure that the welding products occupy a leading position in the market's research and development technology field, allowing welding wire production companies to grasp the initiative in the market.
2.2. Advantages of series products. The company independently develops and designs complete production line of kinds of welding wire. Our main products include wire pay-off machine, strip cleaning machine, wire forming machine, wire drawing machine, wire take-up machine, wire rewinding machine, pail packing machine, wire cutting machine, powder mixer, wire-feeding machine, helix powder coating machine,  head-tail grinder machine, eccentricity measuring instrument, hydraulic slug presser etc. The product styles are diverse and the series are complete.
3.5. After-sales service advantage. Every wire welding machine sold by us has an after-sales service telephone and email address. Customers can contact us at any time. We provide life-long service to customers. The machine is equipped with remote control system, customers can contact with our engineer to solve any machine problem effectively.
4.4. Customized function. The company specializes in the welding wire equipment industry for 20 years, constantly researching and developing new products, using the latest manufacturing technology, and launching a variety of series of machines, which can be tailored to companies and factories according to the differences in welding wire type and quality in different regions and local conditions. Create products with functions required by customers.

About Three Water

Established in 1998, Tianjin Three Water Machinery is a manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of welding wire production line. We are professional manufacturer of welding material machine specialized in flux cored wire & solid wire plant project consulting and manufacturing, various types of wire drawing machine used in metal products processing and auxiliary machines in wire production. We are specialized in R&D flux cored wire machine, cooper coated wire machine, welding electrode machine and related auxiliary equipment. With novel design, professional manufacturing and rich machine-operation experience, our machines have been widely recognized and highly appreciated by customers from overseas and domestic. The company is located in Tianjin, with convenient transportation access. It is 60km away from Xingang Port, and 90km away from Beijing Airport. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

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